Rock Dove Collective

Why Rock Dove?

"Rock Dove" is the original name for the pigeon. You may have seen one or two around town.

We are Rock Dove because we aim to connect the strength and groundedness of the rock with the peace and flight of the dove in our lives, our relationships, and our work.

We are Rock Dove because amidst what looks like endless and irreversible hardship, we aim to serve as messengers from a live, green world. We see and build that world in the shell of the present. We hatch plans.

We are Rock Dove because this is New York City, and we are everywhere.

Please Note: Provider application reviews are on hold.

The Rock Dove Collective is a radical community health exchange working to address the need for accessible and anti-oppressive health care in our communities. We coordinate a network of health practitioners who provide physical, mental, sexual, emotional, social and spiritual care from a (radical/progressive) perspective on well-being.

Many of our practitioners accept mutual aid in exchange for their services; the Rock Dove Collective strongly encourages this and believes that incorporating mutual aid into more instances in our lives will help to set the foundation for a freer and more just world.

To learn more about the Rock Dove Project, read our mission statement and our code of ethics.

Know a health practitioner perfect for Rock Dove? Contact us to let us know.

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